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31 Dec

The only hand puppet with multiple personalities…

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

Really quick and easy, this one will take you about 30 min. to make.

You´ll need:

_A glove (an old or odd one)

_Different colours of felt

_Felt tip pen


_UHU glue

How to make a handy puppet:

1. Cut a couple of felt circles, a bigger one, about 2cm in diameter in white, and a smaller one in black.

2. Stick the black circle on the white one to make an eye.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

3. Put the glove on. Put your 4 fingers and thumb together as if to make a mouth and stick the eye on the side of your index knuckle.

4. Cut a little drop like shape on red felt and stick it in the middle of your hand to resemble the puppet´s uvula.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

Personality one done:

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

5. Cut more eyes in different colours and shapes and stick them on the other fingers of the glove. Leave the thumb clear.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

6. Now arrange your hand in any position you like to see a different personality of Glover appear.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

That´s it!… Take good care of Glover and all his personalities.


27_Dr. Frank’s Amazing (Magnetic) Face Creations

10 Jul

How different would the story had been, had Dr. Frankenstein had a fridge and a few magnets!!

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

This is a quick and easy one. It´ll take you 45 min tops.

You`ll need:

_A computer with internet access (to search for images) or a bunch of magazines to cut eyes and noses and mouths from.

_ 3 or 4 sheets of magnetic paper (depending on how many magnets you want to have in the end).

_ Scissors.

_If you`re cutting things out of magazines, you`ll need a glue stick as well.

How to make Dr. Franks Amazing (Magnetic) Face Creations:

1. Look for images of eyes, mouths and noses and maybe funny stuff like mustaches, weird glasses, long ears… It could be anything, from real people, animals, cartoons.. the idea is to have variety.

2. If you are doing it on your computer, arrange the images in different pages to print them out on the magnetic paper. (You could use PowerPoint, Word, Photoshop…)

If you´re cutting things out from magazines, stick all your images on the magnetic paper.

3. Cut all the images out. You don´t have to worry about cutting the edges too nicely; a rough look works well for this face magnets.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

4. Take all your magnets to the fridge and start creating amazing faces! (Just like Dr. Frank would have done had he had some)

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

Try some funny faces….

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

…. and some scary ones….(looking like someone you know? older sister maybe??)

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

The more images you get the more amazing faces you´ll be able to make.

Get creative and have fun!


15 May

Ever wondered what would happen if you puked so hard that you turned yourself inside out? Not a very nice thought, but just in case check this Vomitone guys…

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

These’ll take you about 1.45-2 hrs. (way less if you have a sewing machine)

You´ll need:

_2 old socks. Better if they’re from a different pair.


_Thread and needle (I only used black but you can choose the colours you want depending on the colour of your socks)

_4 buttons (try different colours and sizes; these will make the eyes of your Vomitones)

How to make ’em:

1. Cut the bit-were-you-put-your-feet off each sock.

2. Cut the straight parts you’re left with the same lenght.

3. Turn one of them inside out and slide it inside the other, making sure both their ends meet.

4. Sew both ends. You`ll be left with a closed sock rectangle.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

5. Grab the rectangle from both sides and stretch it, as if you were trying to open a pack of crisps of something similar. Make sure you pull both socks in each direction.

6. Grab your scissors and cut both socks on one side. Check the image below to make this clearer. This opening is the Vomitones’ mouth.

7. Sew both socks on each “lip” of the mouth. To make it nice and neat, fold the ends in between the socks and then sew them together. You should now be able to turn the socks inside out and back again through the mouth.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

8. Sew a couple buttons on one side, above the mouth.

9. Turn your Vomitone inside out and sew the other 2 buttons.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

That´s it! Now you’ve got a friend that can puke itself inside out to become another!

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

Imagine other characters, maybe with more or less eyes, or try adding arms and legs… have fun and please, don´t try turning yourself inside out!!


13 Feb

What do you get if you mix Alebrijes (wooden or papier mâché fantastical Mexican creatures) with Matrushkas (or matroyshkas or nesting Rusian dolls)?  ALEBRUSHKAS!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

This is the most challenging post so far. It´s not that hard to make but requires some patience and skill. There´s also some waiting time between layers of paper and paint so I can´t give you a precise making time but I can tell you it will take a few days; maybe one hour work for about 6 days. But be patient… you`ll have fun and the results are totally worth it!

You`ll need:

_ 4 different sizes of styrofoam balls. Mine are about 9, 7, 6 and 4 cm in diameter.

_ Tin foil.

_ Paper for recycling (maybe an old newspaper, printer paper, a discarded activity book, etc). It´s a good idea to have 2 kinds so that you can make the difference between one layer and the next.

_Water based all purpose glue.

_ Water based paints (coloured and black)

_2 brushes (one for the glue and one for the paint)

_2 small plastic containers (one to rinse your brush after you paint, the other one to make a water-glue solution).

_ A small hacksaw (ATTENTION KIDS! This is to be used by adults only!)

_ Flat screw driver.

_ Scissors.

_ Ruler.

_ Pencil and black felt tip pen or medium marker.

There are many steps involved in the making of Alebrushkas, so before I go to the usual step-by-step list, I`ll give you a quick summary of what we´ll do:

We´ll use the styrofoam balls as moulds to make 3 hollow spheres and a solid one. We´ll cover each ball with several layers of paper using a water-glue solution; then we´ll cut the 3 larger balls in half and remove the styrofoam to make them hollow. We´ll add a “ribbon” of paper to one half of each ball so that they can be closed again, to make them like boxes. When all the layering and cutting and closing back again is done, we´ll move to painting and finally decorating the spheres.

So here we go:

1. Cover the 3 larger styrofoam balls with tin foil. This is to prevent the paper sticking to the balls so that we can separate the styrofoam from the completed papier maché spheres when we want to make them hollow.

2. Cut or tear your recycling paper into small squares, about 2.5×2.5cm. Don´t worry, they don´t have to be perfect, this is just to give you an idea.

3. On one of your containers, mix 50 ml of water with about the same amount of glue. We don´t want the mix to be either too thick or too runny. If it´s too thick it will dry too quickly and won´t give you time to complete the layers; it will also be too hard to cut in the end. If it´s too runny, it won´t be sticky enough and it will take ages to dry up. When you put your brush into the mix and take it out again, you should not see drops but a “string” of the mix coming down, at least for a moment.

4. For the first layer of each ball, we´re going to use glue without water. Cover a small portion of the ball with a thin layer of glue and start sticking the pieces of paper. Keep adding glue and paper until you´ve  covered the whole surface of the ball. Try to make it as smooth as possible. Cover all 4 balls.

5. Use the water-glue mix for the following layers. Add some of the mix and start sticking paper. It´s a good idea to put some of the glue on top of the pieces of paper as well; this will help you stick all the pieces together and make the surface smoother. You can do this with a brush or using your fingers; I find it easier with my fingers (and more fun too!) Remember to alternate the kind of paper you´re using for every layer; this will help you tell the difference between one and the other and make sure it´s all even.

6. Add 3 layers to each ball (including the first one) and let them dry for at least 4 hours. Good thing about this time of year is that you can leave the spheres to  dry close to your radiator.

7. The smallest ball will be ready with just 3 layers. The 2 medium sized balls need 6 and the largest needs at least 8 but an extra layer wouldn´t hurt. Remember to add 3 layers a time and leave to dry. I recommend that you use white paper for the last layer, this will make it easier for the paint to cover the surface evenly. (trust me! I didn´t use white as the last layer and it took several layers of paint to cover whatever was printed on the paper.)

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

2 or 3 days later….it´s time to cut the spheres open. REMEMBER NOT TO CUT THE SMALLEST ONE!

8.  First of all we need to mark a line around the middle of each sphere. Find an object that is almost half as high as one of the spheres and attach a pen or pencil horizontally to it. The tip of the pen should be the same height as the “equator” of your sphere. Now hold the sphere close to the tip of the pen and make it rotate on it´s axis; as you do this, the pen should be drawing a line along the “equator” of the sphere. Repeat this step for the other 2 spheres.

9. Pick a spot along the line you just drew and make a mark on each side of it, for example 2 arrows pointing at each other. This will help you find the right way to close the balls back once you´ve cut them.

10. THIS STEP IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. Using the hacksaw cut each sphere along the “equator” line you marked. It´s not necessary that you cut all the way through the styrofoam, cutting the paper is enough to detach the pieces.

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

11. You might need the help of  a flat screwdriver to separate the paper halves from the styrofoam balls. Be carefull not to damage the paper.

12. Repeat steps 10 and 11 to cut the other 2 spheres open. Remove the tin foil from inside all the pieces.

13. We want the spheres to close back again so that they can contain the others. On an A4 piece of paper, cut several 8 strips of paper 2 cm wide. Cut 3 more just 1 cm wide.  These need to be neat so be sure to measure right and cut in straight lines.

14. Draw a line, 5mm from the edge, across the length of each strip (the line will be in the middle of the 1cm wide ones) and cut tabs all along the strips. The tabs should go on the wider side of  the line on the 2cm wide strips of paper.

15. Take one half of each sphere. Using glue without water, stick one of the strips of paper around the inside of each one, making sure the 5mm section sticks out. Use the thiner strips for the smallest sphere of the 3.

16. Layer up a couple more strips on each sphere, this time using the water-glue mix, and leave to dry.

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

the following day…   You should be able to open and close all the spheres and keep one inside the other.

17. You can start painting now! I chose red, blue, green and yellow to paint the outside of the spheres. You might need more than one layer for the colour to look even. Make sure you leave enough time between one layer and the next for the paint to dry.

18. Paint the inside of the spheres too. I chose black.

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

19. Once all the paint is dry and even, use your pencil to draw the face and details of your Alebrushkas. How about a food chain? or big fish eats little fish? could it be dad, mom and 2 kids… or maybe Goldilocks and the 3 bears? or perhaps some fantastical creatures from your dreams. The point is to use your imagination and have fun!

20. When you like how your design looks like, use a black marker to draw on top of the pencil. You could add more detail with colour paint.

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011


I hope you have as much fun as I did…

3_The Nightmare Monster

23 Jan

Bad dreams lately? No more! Feed your monster and it will take them all away

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Making time: 3 hours  (It takes a bit longer than previous posts but still it’s very easy to make)

You’ll need:

_Cut outs from magazines

_A box with lid attached; it will make the jaws of your monster! (mine is square, but any other shape would work as well)

_ Black felt tip pen

_A sheet of paper

_A compass or a circular object about 7cm in diameter to help you draw some circle sections.

_Scissors and glue stick

1. Start by choosing colours and textures you find interesting from your magazines. I wanted my monster to be full of textures and different colours so I picked these pages.

2. Split your cut outs in two groups, the first one, larger images, will make the body of the monster; we’ll use the second one to add details, this group can be made up of smaller textures and images. Make sure to leave a piece of paper large enough to cover the top of the box.

3. Tear the images in the first group in long strips. They don’t need to be perfect, in fact, the more irregular your strips are, the more scaly your monster will be.

4. Using the glue stick wrap the strips around the box, try to make every colour or texture go round at least once. Layer them on top of each other.

5. Keep adding strips all the way to the top. I chose a bright pink to make the inside of the mouth and an image of scales to cover the lid. Notice how the paper covering the lid is not straight; this helps give the monster a little more personality.

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

6. Pick the large piece of paper you reserved for the top and stick it, leaving an extra 5mm on each side. Fold the extras down and stick them on top of the last stripe of the body.

7. We’re done with the body, lets add some detail. Get the second group of magazine cut outs and cut some circles (use your scissors this time). Pick different colours and textures and cut the circles in different sizes.

8. Stick some of them on the top and some at the back of the monster… we’re giving it a spoted back!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

9. Now we’re gonna make the eyes, my monster is sleeping so I’m gonna draw its eyes shut. Use your compass or the edge of your circular objetct and draw a curved line about 3cm long. Then add some straigh lines going out of the curve. These will make the eyelashes of the eyes. Repeat the process for the other eye.

10. Cut both eyes and stick them to the top of the lid.

11. If you want to add a funny detail, cut a drop like shape in the same paper you used to make the inside of the mouth and stick it in the back to resemble the uvula (the dangly thing at the back of your throat).

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Done!!! Now, every time you are scared or have a bad dream, write it down, feed the monster and let it chew it away!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Sweet dreams.