51_Cardboard Rocking Horsey

31 Dec

Typical! New toy, parents all excited about it and what do the kids do? Play with the packaging. So let’s play  with cardboard boxes

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

The Cardboard Rocking Horsey is made out of 5 identical modules. It will take you about 45min-1hour to make each module. This is a challenging one so make sure to make it with the help of a grown up.

The final dimensions will be 1m. long, 25cm wide and 75cm heigh. (the sitting height is 50cm)

You´ll need:

_To download and print 5 copies of this file: rocking horsey (it is a large format so you’ll need to print or plot at a print shop, ask for a black and white print in regular paper, no need for anything fancy)

_5 large sheets of corrugated cardboard (120x120cm aprox.)

_Glue stick


_Cutter or scalpel and a cutting mat or surface to cut on

_Double sided tape

How to make a Cardboard Rocking Horsey:

1. Download and print 5 copies of the file above. (Print an extra coloured copy at home, on A4 paper for your reference)

2. Stick each print on each cardboard sheet using the glue stick. Don’t use to much glue, you want to be able to remove the paper once you’ve cut and folded everything. It’s a good idea to put glue only where there are printed lines.

3. Cut over the solid lines and score over the dotted ones. This will make it easy to fold the sides.

4. Put double sided tape on all the tabs. Don’t remove all the waxed film at once.

5. Close each module by sticking all the tabs to the edges. You’ll have 5 “pizza slices” when you finish.

6. Remove all the paper off the cardboard and put the double sided tape where the drawing indicates with green.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

7. Remove the waxed film from the double sided tape, one module at a time and stick the modules together.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

Well done! You’ve made your own horsey!

You can use markers and poster paint to add details if you like… It could be a spotted horsey or maybe a stripy one?


(more detailed photos to come)





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