3 Apr

I know it´s fun to sip up your straw and make some noise but I think we could be less noisy and have more fun with these.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

We´ll be making the nodes or connecting pieces to put the straws together. It´s not hard to make them, but it will take a while to cut all of them out and put the pieces together. It will take about 3 hours just making the nodes, plus aaaaaall the time you want to spend building strawctures.

You`ll need:

_ To download and print these files:

1 x 2dnodes

2 x 3dnodes

_ Thin cardboard (I recycled a couple cereal boxes)

_ Ruler

_ Cutter or Exacto knife

_ Glue stick

_ UHU glue

_ A pack of straws. (the thin ones, about 5mm in diameter)

How to make your strawctures:

1. Print the files above. I suggest you print one copy of the 2D nodes and 2 copies of the 3D nodes so that you have enough to make interesting strawctures.

2. Using the glue stick, stick the prints on the cardboard; if you`re recycling, you might have to cut some pieces and rearrange them to fit your pieces of cardboard.

3. Cut all the pieces using the cutter or exacto knife. You´ll see that on the 3D nodes file some lines are red and dotted; that means you`re not supposed to cut all the way through. Lightly pass the blade a couple times over the lines, just enough to be able to bend the cardboard.

4. Use the UHU glue to stick the 3D nodes pieces together. Check the chart below to know what to stick to what to get all kinds of 3D nodes.  The 2D nodes don´t need anything else than cutting.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

3D nodes chart:

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

Now that the nodes are done, let´s get the straws ready.

5. Cut the part that bends at the top of the straw. Get rid of the bendy bit but keep the strait one.

6. Cut the bottom part of the straw in half and you`re ready to start building!

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

You can make 2D shapes or 3D strawctures. You can try combining the 2 to make more interesting stuff.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

You could try using different lengths of straws, or even sticking more or less pieces together to make other kinds of nodes… keep adding 3d nodes to keep making your strawctures bigger and bigger!




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