11_Creature Mixture

20 Mar

3 heads…3 bodies…mix them… do the math… 9 different creatures in total!

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

This one will take you about 3 hours, depending on how much detail you decide to add.

To make 3 creatures (9 different combinations) you´ll need:

_6 cardboard rolls

_ a small piece of cardboard (maybe a recycled cereal box)


_cutter or exacto knife


_all purpose white glue


_pen/thin black marker

_colour markers.

The first step will be to cut 3 of the rolls at different heights. Then we´ll stick the other 3 inside to make the first ones sturdier; this will also make a tab so that the parts can be separated and joined back again. Finally, cut some cardboard circles and stick´em to the top of each roll.

The rest is using your imagination to make your creatures; we´ll make cardboard ears, draw faces and bodies and add lots of colour.

Today I´m posting the finished toys and the summary of the process that you just read. Come back tomorrow to read the full instructions.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

We have a sleepy dog with a starry pajamas, a rabbit with huge teeth (a bit yellow by the way! they could use some cleaning!) and some sort of monkey with a stripy tummy.

Each creature is made of 2 parts: head and body.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

Don´t forget to add details to the back!

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

As you exchange parts, you change the height and body of the characters… so the rabbit got the pajamas, now the sleepy dog has a stripy tummy, and the monkey grew teeth! (and grew taller)…

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

or the rabbit got shorter and stripier, the sleepy dog got teeth and now the monkey is wearing pajamas!

Imagine as many creatures as you can and combine them in as many fun ways as you can think of.

Have fun!


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