8_easy TEE PEE japanesey

27 Feb

Not much to say… just that it´s a teepe and it´s very easy!

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

This is an easy one; it´ll take you about 15 minutes the first time and less than 5 every time you want to set your tee pee up again.

You´ll need:

_3 broomsticks (or 19mm pine dowels) they should be about 1.20m high.

_ 1 rubber band

_ A piece of fabric 1.50m wide x 2m long.

_ 5 ribbons 60 cm long.

_ Thread, needle, scissors.

How to make it:

1. Fold the fabric in half. Sew a few stitches about 6 cm from one of the folded edges, on the side perpendicular to the fold (check the picture below)

2. Spread the sticks as if making a tripod.

3. Tie the 3 broomsticks together with the rubber band. Place the rubber band about 15cm. from the top.

4. Pass the top of each broomstick through the space you just made in the fabric. Fix the fabric so that it covers each stick.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

5. You´ll have a lot of fabric left at the front. Sew 2 ribbons, facing each other on the edges of the fabric, halfway down. Sew 2 more near the bottom. This will make the door of the tee pee.

6. You can sew another ribbon at the top of the fabric to help hold it to the sticks and cover the rubber band.

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte

Done! You can close it or tie the ribbons to the broom sticks and leave it open. It´s really easy to take down and set it up again and again and again.

Try it day and night…

© 2011 Fernanda de Uriarte



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