7_Mud bakery

20 Feb

Who said you need eggs and flour to make cakes?

Fernanda de Uriarte ©2011

Making time: about an hour and all the time you want to spend making mud cakes!

To make 4 mud cake molds you´ll need:

_ 4 x A4 sheets of polypropylene of different colours to make it more fun. (It´s the kind of plastic used as cover in bindings and some files and notebooks)

_ Download and print these files:





_ Scissors.

_ Cutter or exacto knife.

_ Ruler.

_ Cutting mat (or a surface where you can cut with the cutter or knife).

_ Glue stick.

_ A small tube of all purpose UHU glue (the yellow one).

_ A pin or needle.

How to make:

1. Download and print the files and roughly cut them using your scissors.

2. Use your glue stick to stick one shape in each sheet of polypropylene.

3. Cut and mark the lines as indicated in the key with your cutter or exacto knife.

– Red continuous lines are for cutting.

– Dotted lines should only be marked: Pass the blade once or twice without cutting all the way through the sheet. This will allow you to easily fold the material.

4. Where you find blue dotted lines, it means you have to mark on the back side of your polypropylene sheet and fold towards the front. Use a pin or needle to mark both ends of each of these lines on the shape you glued to the sheet. Now turn the sheet around and should be able to see a series of dots indicating where to mark the line. Remember not to cut all the way through the other side.

Fernanda de Uriarte ©2011

5. Once the shapes are cut and marked, fold them as indicated  (black dotted lines fold towards the back, blue dotted lines fold towards the front.)

6. Put a drop of UHU in each tag and spread it. Put UHU and fold one shape at a time.

7. When you´re folding the doughnut, it´s easier if you fold and stick the middle piece first and then the bigger shape. Note how the tags of the smaller piece fold towards the front.

Fernanda de Uriarte©2011

8. You might need to hold the shapes in their place for a little while, just to allow for the glue to dry.

9. Done! now go outside and fill the molds with mud. Get some leaves, flowers or berries to decorate your cakes.

Fernanda de Uriarte ©2011


Fernanda de Uriarte©2011

You can also try adding some water and pressing the mud into the molds, then turning them upside down and removing the molds; just as if you were making sand castles. Try making sand cakes as well!

Enjoy, and please don´t eat the cakes!


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