6 Feb

Who would have thought that a bunch of circles could be that fun!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Making time: 2-2.5 hours (depending on how fast you are with scissors and how many circles you cut)

I made 20 large, 5 medium and 15 small circles. For this many circles you’ll need:
_ 2xA4 or 1xA3 sheets of cardboard. Make sure it’s about 1mm thick. (much thinner wont be hard enough, much thicker will be too hard to cut)

_A circle cutter or a compass or 3 different sizes of circular objects to help you draw the different circles. (My circles are about 7cm, 4.5cm and 2.5cm in diameter. )

_Ruler, scissors and cutter.

_Pencil and fine liner or felt tip pen.

How to make your modular pieces:

1. Start by drawing the larger circles.

2. Fill the remaining space with medium and small sized circles.

3. Cut all the circles with your scissors. (If you have a circle cutter, you can skip the drawing steps).

4. We need to make some slits to the circles so that they can be inserted into each other. Take 1 circle of  the small and medium sized circles and 2 of the largest and find the centre.

5. With your fine liner, draw a line that goes from the centre to one of the extremes of the smallest and one of the largest circles. These lines will be one slit in each circle.

6. On the medium sized circle, draw a concentric circle the size of the smallest circle.

7. Still in the medium sized circle, draw a line that goes from one edge to the other and passes through the centre. Now draw another line that also passes through the centre and is perpendicular to the first line. You should have something that looks like a cross with a circle in the middle.

8. Use the fine liner to mark the sections of the cross that go from the edge of the inner circle to the edge of the outer circle. We’ll have 4 slits in this circle. (check the image below to see the how all this should look like).

9. Repeat steps 6 to 8 on the largest circle, only this time instead of 4 slits we’re going to have 8. You can also check how this will look like on the image below.

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

10. Now that you’ve drawn all the lines on the circles we can open the slits. We need to make 2 cuts per slit, one on each side of the lines you drew with the fine liner.

11. Use the cutter to cut the inner edge of the line. Now you should have an open slit. ATTENTION KIDS! ASK AN ADULT TO HELP YOU WITH THIS STEP.

12. Once you’ve cut the slits off the 4 circles, you can use them as templates to mark the rest of the circles.  I made all the small and medium circles the same but cut  1 slit on half of the large ones and 8 slits on the other half. This gives more options when playing with the circles.

13. Cut all the slits and done!!! This can be a little tricky and time consuming but be patient… it’s worth it!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

You can start building now! What you make is up to you…

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

You can also different sizes or even shapes, how about squares! Why not draw on top of each shape and give what you build a little more personality?

Use your imagination!


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