4_magnetic creatures

30 Jan

Haven’t seen a kid that doesn’t like to play with fridge magnets. How about making some of your own?!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c)2011

It’ll take about half an hour plus drawing time.

You’ll need:
_1 or 2 sheets of printer-friendly magnetic paper (you’ll find this in any art shop).
_Colour pencils and paper.
_Scissors and cutter.

How to make them:

1. Make some drawings. You can draw characters or whatever comes to your mind. I recommend that you draw on regular paper so that you use the magnetic one when you’re sure the drawings you want to use.

2. Scan your drawings and print them on the magnetic paper. If you don’t have a computer at hand, you can stick the drawings on the magnet paper with a glue stick; make sure they’re perfectly glued.

3. Using your scissors cut the edges of the drawings. Use the cutter to cut any inside shapes that look interesting (like eyes, nose, etc.). Kids, don’t use the cutter, have an adult help you with that bit!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

4. Put your magnets on the fridge. Have fun by putting all the shapes back together or by mixing them all to create new drawings.

Fernanda de Uriarte (c)2011


Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011


Happy creatures!




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