9 Jan

Poor thing. No matter how you throw it,  it will always land on its head!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Making time: around 1 hour

You will need:

_An old sock or piece of cloth.

_A bouncy ball, the bigger the better.

_Some rice, lentils, etc.. You could alternatively use cotton.

_A round head pin.

_Permanent marker.

_Thread and needle.

How to make it:

1. Turn your sock inside out and draw a drop more or less the size of your bouncy ball.

2. Draw 2 lines going to the center of the drop. This will make the legs of the Kamikazee.

3. Sew the edges leaving the upper part of the drop open.

4. Turn it right and fill it with the rice or cotton just to the middle.

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

5. Sew the remaining edges

6. Attach the body to the bouncy ball using the round head pin.

7. Using a permanent marker draw the face of your Kamikazee. My bouncy ball had 2 colours so I drew 2 different faces, but you can draw the face as you like!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Your Kamikazee is ready for action! Try bouncing it on the floor or have you ever tried Kamikazee badmington?

Have fun!


One Response to “1_Kamikazee”

  1. Andrea de Uriarte January 11, 2011 at 03:04 #

    Lo amé!!!! está increible!!! yo quiero uno… pero no tengo calcetines viejos.. jajajajajajaja…. Y para los que no entienden español: It´s great!!!… Love it!
    Congrats for this new proyect… I can´t wait to see the next week toy!!!

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