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4_magnetic creatures

30 Jan

Haven’t seen a kid that doesn’t like to play with fridge magnets. How about making some of your own?!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c)2011

It’ll take about half an hour plus drawing time.

You’ll need:
_1 or 2 sheets of printer-friendly magnetic paper (you’ll find this in any art shop).
_Colour pencils and paper.
_Scissors and cutter.

How to make them:

1. Make some drawings. You can draw characters or whatever comes to your mind. I recommend that you draw on regular paper so that you use the magnetic one when you’re sure the drawings you want to use.

2. Scan your drawings and print them on the magnetic paper. If you don’t have a computer at hand, you can stick the drawings on the magnet paper with a glue stick; make sure they’re perfectly glued.

3. Using your scissors cut the edges of the drawings. Use the cutter to cut any inside shapes that look interesting (like eyes, nose, etc.). Kids, don’t use the cutter, have an adult help you with that bit!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

4. Put your magnets on the fridge. Have fun by putting all the shapes back together or by mixing them all to create new drawings.

Fernanda de Uriarte (c)2011


Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011


Happy creatures!




3_The Nightmare Monster

23 Jan

Bad dreams lately? No more! Feed your monster and it will take them all away

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Making time: 3 hours  (It takes a bit longer than previous posts but still it’s very easy to make)

You’ll need:

_Cut outs from magazines

_A box with lid attached; it will make the jaws of your monster! (mine is square, but any other shape would work as well)

_ Black felt tip pen

_A sheet of paper

_A compass or a circular object about 7cm in diameter to help you draw some circle sections.

_Scissors and glue stick

1. Start by choosing colours and textures you find interesting from your magazines. I wanted my monster to be full of textures and different colours so I picked these pages.

2. Split your cut outs in two groups, the first one, larger images, will make the body of the monster; we’ll use the second one to add details, this group can be made up of smaller textures and images. Make sure to leave a piece of paper large enough to cover the top of the box.

3. Tear the images in the first group in long strips. They don’t need to be perfect, in fact, the more irregular your strips are, the more scaly your monster will be.

4. Using the glue stick wrap the strips around the box, try to make every colour or texture go round at least once. Layer them on top of each other.

5. Keep adding strips all the way to the top. I chose a bright pink to make the inside of the mouth and an image of scales to cover the lid. Notice how the paper covering the lid is not straight; this helps give the monster a little more personality.

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

6. Pick the large piece of paper you reserved for the top and stick it, leaving an extra 5mm on each side. Fold the extras down and stick them on top of the last stripe of the body.

7. We’re done with the body, lets add some detail. Get the second group of magazine cut outs and cut some circles (use your scissors this time). Pick different colours and textures and cut the circles in different sizes.

8. Stick some of them on the top and some at the back of the monster… we’re giving it a spoted back!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

9. Now we’re gonna make the eyes, my monster is sleeping so I’m gonna draw its eyes shut. Use your compass or the edge of your circular objetct and draw a curved line about 3cm long. Then add some straigh lines going out of the curve. These will make the eyelashes of the eyes. Repeat the process for the other eye.

10. Cut both eyes and stick them to the top of the lid.

11. If you want to add a funny detail, cut a drop like shape in the same paper you used to make the inside of the mouth and stick it in the back to resemble the uvula (the dangly thing at the back of your throat).

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Done!!! Now, every time you are scared or have a bad dream, write it down, feed the monster and let it chew it away!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Sweet dreams.

2_wood peg birdies

16 Jan

Big bird, big bird, standing on the tree, can you come and play with me?

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Making time: about 10 minutes per bird. depends on how fast you draw

You`ll need:

_ A bunch of wood pegs

_A black ball pen or gel pen

_ Colour markers/fine liners

How to make ’em:

1. Draw the front and back of a bird on the front and back of a peg.

2. Colour it. Bright tones are great for birds!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

3. Imagine aaaaaaaall the birds you want and repeat steps 1. and 2.

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

What else could you make? How about zoo animals, or a circus act?!!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011


9 Jan

Poor thing. No matter how you throw it,  it will always land on its head!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Making time: around 1 hour

You will need:

_An old sock or piece of cloth.

_A bouncy ball, the bigger the better.

_Some rice, lentils, etc.. You could alternatively use cotton.

_A round head pin.

_Permanent marker.

_Thread and needle.

How to make it:

1. Turn your sock inside out and draw a drop more or less the size of your bouncy ball.

2. Draw 2 lines going to the center of the drop. This will make the legs of the Kamikazee.

3. Sew the edges leaving the upper part of the drop open.

4. Turn it right and fill it with the rice or cotton just to the middle.

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

5. Sew the remaining edges

6. Attach the body to the bouncy ball using the round head pin.

7. Using a permanent marker draw the face of your Kamikazee. My bouncy ball had 2 colours so I drew 2 different faces, but you can draw the face as you like!

Fernanda de Uriarte (c) 2011

Your Kamikazee is ready for action! Try bouncing it on the floor or have you ever tried Kamikazee badmington?

Have fun!